Who is running: Ward 10?

Windsor City Hall Photo Jon Liedtke Windsor City Hall Photo Jon Liedtke

Click each candidates’ name to find out their answers to the 2022 Windsor Election Rose City Politics Candidate Questionaire. (If there is no link to the candidate’s answers it is because we have yet to be provided with a response).

  1. Paul Borrelli
  2. Walid (Wally) Chafchak
  3. Mark Masanovich
  4. Jim Morrison

Paul Borrelli

Phone: 519-972-8840
Email: paulborrelli@yahoo.com
Website: www.voteborrelli.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/paulborrelli84
Twitter: www.twitter.com/paulborrelli84
Instagram: www.instagram.com/paul_borrelli

Walid (Wally) Chafchak

Walid (Wally) Chafchak
Walid (Wally) Chafchak

737 Newport Crescent, Windsor, Ontario, N9E 4Z5
Phone: 519-919-9103
Email: wchafchak@cogeco.net

Mark Masanovich

Mark Masanovich
Mark Masanovich

2425 Glenwood Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, N9E 2X5
Phone: 519-984-4428
Email: masanovichward10@gmail.com

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison

2420 Glenwood Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, N9E 2X6
Email: voteforjim22@outlook.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JimMorrisonWard10
Twitter: www.twitter.com/morrisonward10