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Sometimes we can’t fit all we want to say into a weekly podcast, which is why we appear in Biz X Magazine monthly, as well as posting deeper dives into issues here. If you have a suggestion for a topic, please feel free to reach out to us.

Windsor City Hall Photo Jon Liedtke

Windsor mayoral candidates on Strong Mayor legislation

With Premier Ford announcing the introduction of strong mayor legislation for not only Ottawa and Toronto but also all large cities in Ontario, ostensibly to increase the provincial housing stock, I’ve asked all Windsor mayoral candidates the following questions about the expected legislation:

Strong Mayor Governance and Windsor

Premier Ford announced this week he would introduce strong mayor legislation for both Ottawa and Toronto in 2023 and other Ontario cities in 2024. Like a bull in a china shop, the 800 pound gorilla is again chest beating and charging our democracy during ongoing municipal elections. All that’s old is new again.

BIZ X MAGAZINE: Windsor’s EV Battery Plant

For May 2022, the Rose Rose City Politics panel opines on the recently announced Stellantis-LG EV battery plant and what it means for Windsor Essex. First 2500 jobs. Now 3200 jobs. The potential of up to 15,000 spinoff jobs. An entirely new supply chain. Economic diversification this is not, but it is great, necessary, and […]

BIZ X MAGAZINE: War on Auto or Bikes?

The snow is melting, and with that comes hidden potholes and an annual conversation: cars versus bikes. Rose City Politics dives into the war on cars…or bikes. Jon Liedtke: Cars Rule & Bikes Drool! Or is it Bikes Rule & Cars Drool? Oh the annual conversation, so tired, so outdated, so BORING. We all want […]

BIZ X MAGAZINE: Windsor’s Council Compensation Review Committee

The City of Windsor’s Council Compensation Review Committee reviews remuneration/compensation and benefits paid to the Mayor and City Councillors, as well as equipment and staffing resources, with a mandate to make recommendations which would come into effect January 1, 2023 for the new term of Council. Rose City Politics dives into city councillor and mayor […]

BIZ X MAGAZINE: 2021 City Council Report Card

The year is 2022. The next municipal election in Windsor is scheduled for October 24. Do you know what your elected representatives’ grades are? In this piece the Rose City Politics panel grades our elected representatives on their performance over the past year leading into the next Windsor election. Ward 1: Fred Francis Don Merrifield […]

BIZ X MAGAZINE: Festival Plaza Development and Completion

For November and December, the Rose Rose City Politics panel opines on the proposed redevelopment and completion of the riverfront festival plaza: Finish the damn plaza. For those who know me, it shouldn’t come as a surprise I support finishing festival plaza as presented, complete with translucent canopy and all. My parents Sheryl Davies and […]

Councillor Sleiman talking to “himself”

At the June 23rd Windsor City Council Meeting Councillor Ed Sleiman was caught on an open mic expressing surprise at the way another Councillor voted “I thought we were going to oppose?”

Since then Councillor Sleiman has stated he was alone in the room and talking to himself. Here’s a clip of all the times Councillor Sleiman was talking to himself while muted during the meeting.

BIZ X MAGAZINE: Downtown Windsor & what it may be

For June 2021, the Rose City Politics panel opines on both new downtown residential construction and renovation, a new central library on the horizon, the potential for the redevelopment of The Barn by the Windsor Express, and what these opportunities can provide for downtown Windsor and the city as a whole.

BIZ X MAGAZINE: The City of Windsor New Economic Diversification Strategy

For March 2021, the Rose Rose City Politics panel opines on the Windsor City Council endorsement of the Public First report on economic diversification, with recommendations to come from administration on implementation.

The City of Windsor has seen many economic diversification strategies over the years and the Rose City Politics panel (each in their own individual opinions) breaks down what, if anything, is different about the situation now.

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