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Rose City Politics releases a new episode on Wednesday evenings, and all past podcast episodes can be viewed below.

Sometimes we can’t fit all we want to say into a weekly podcast, which is why we appear in Biz X Magazine monthly, as well as posting deeper dives into issues here. If you have a suggestion for a topic, please feel free to reach out to us.

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RCP Episodes

All Rose City Politics episodes are uploaded on their own dedicated page with episode information and a link to the podcast links.

Rose City Politics

RCP SHOW: Schlub’s Rights

Jon and Doug are joined by Councillor-Elect Angelo Marignani to talk about: Rose City Politics is brought to you with the kind support of LiUNA […]

Rose City Politics

Nu Q Lear

Doug and Jon are joined by Ward 9 Councillor Kieran McKenzie to discuss his election campaign and the landscape on Council moving forward.

Rose City Politics

Tune out the Pundits

Don, Jon and Doug dive deep into the 2022 Windsor election results & POST MORTEM; 3 New Councillors; Councillors that got more than 50%; Data analysis + accessibility issues; How Holt won most weeks yet lost the election; Mayor Dilkens says to tune out the…pundits?


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RCP BIZ X Magazine

Rose City Politics appears in Windsor’s Biz X Magazine. All of Rose City Politics’ Biz X Magazine columns can be viewed HERE


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RCP Musings

Windsor City Hall Photo Jon Liedtke

Windsor mayoral candidates on Strong Mayor legislation

With Premier Ford announcing the introduction of strong mayor legislation for not only Ottawa and Toronto but also all large cities in Ontario, ostensibly to increase the provincial housing stock, I’ve asked all Windsor mayoral candidates the following questions about the expected legislation:

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Strong Mayor Governance and Windsor

Premier Ford announced this week he would introduce strong mayor legislation for both Ottawa and Toronto in 2023 and other Ontario cities in 2024. Like a bull in a china shop, the 800 pound gorilla is again chest beating and charging our democracy during ongoing municipal elections. All that’s old is new again.

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Councillor Sleiman talking to “himself”

At the June 23rd Windsor City Council Meeting Councillor Ed Sleiman was caught on an open mic expressing surprise at the way another Councillor voted “I thought we were going to oppose?”

Since then Councillor Sleiman has stated he was alone in the room and talking to himself. Here’s a clip of all the times Councillor Sleiman was talking to himself while muted during the meeting.

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