Get to Know Windsor City Council

Windsor City Hall Photo Jon Liedtke Windsor City Hall Photo Jon Liedtke

The 2022-2026 term of Windsor City Council began November 14, 2022.

With the final votes tallied and all polls reporting in across the city, Windsor’s next city council has taken shape.

Get to know Windsor’s next city council and see their responses to the Rose City Politics 2022 Windsor Election Candidate Questionnaire.

  1. Windsor city council news
    1. Mayor: Drew Dilkens
    2. Ward 1: Fred Francis
    3. Ward 2: Fabio Costante
    4. Ward 3: Renaldo Agostino
    5. Ward 4: Mark McKenzie
    6. Ward 5: Ed Sleiman
    7. Ward 6: Jo-Anne Gignac
    8. Ward 7: Angelo Marignani
    9. Ward 8: Gary Kaschak
    10. Ward 9: Kieran McKenzie
    11. Ward 10: Jim Morrison

Windsor city council news

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Mayor: Drew Dilkens

Drew Dilkens (City of Windsor)
Drew Dilkens (City of Windsor)

Ward 1: Fred Francis

Fred Francis (Fred Francis)

Ward 2: Fabio Costante

Fabio Costante via Fabio Costante Facebook

Ward 3: Renaldo Agostino

Renaldo Agostino (Renaldo Agostino)

Ward 4: Mark McKenzie

Mark McKenzie (Mark McKenzie)

Ward 5: Ed Sleiman

Ed Sleiman (Ed Sleiman)

Ward 6: Jo-Anne Gignac

Jo-Anne Gignac (City of Windsor)

Ward 7: Angelo Marignani

Angelo Marignani (Angelo Marignani)

Ward 8: Gary Kaschak

Gary Kaschak (Gary Kaschak)

Ward 9: Kieran McKenzie

Kieran McKenzie (Kieran McKenzie)

Ward 10: Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison (Jim Morrison)