Ward 2 Candidate: Sam Romano

Sam Romano Photo via Sam Romano Sam Romano Photo via Sam Romano

Sam Romano

424 Bridge Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, N9B 2M4
Phone: 519-791-7384
Email: romanosam56@gmail.com

2022 Windsor Election Rose City Politics Candidate Questionnaire answers:

1. What is your prior political experience?

None. And therefore I am not tied to any political party nor any influence by a party. To beter serve in a municipality it would be best not to have any relationship to any political party. Municipal politics should be void of any political party influence.

2. Why are you running?

I’m running because the incumbent, although claiming to have a “voice for the ward”, is not listening to the citizens in Ward 2. People are upset and the 1st step to mitigating the citizens anger is to listen. Politicians at all levels are not demonstrating that they are listening. I will listen and take all concerns back to the city council.

3. What do you do currently for a living?

I recently retired (March 1, 2022) from the Royal Bank of Canada after 40 years.

4. What is the biggest issue affecting the ward you are running for?

here are two related and distinct( east and west) issues. First, 300 or so boarded up homes west of the Ambassador Bridge. Secondly, Student Housing and absent Landlords east of the Ambassador Bridge. I plan on fighting vigorously for the demolition of the 300 or so boarded homes and dealing with absent landlords that don’t take care of their property.

5. What is the biggest issue affecting the city of Windsor?

Downtown, homeless people and crime. We virtually killed downtown by locating the arena out in the east end. This was a mistake that will haunt the city for the next 40 years.

6. Are you seeking any endorsements?

No. Although I’ve been asked to provide some feedback that’s been requested.

7. Have you received any endorsements?

None so far.

8. Will you continue the “hold the line on taxes” policy?

Yes. Although this is somewhat of a fallacy in Windsor. My property taxes have gone up every year since this so-called “hold the line on taxes” was first claimed. The only way to hold the line on taxes is to reduce the mill rate. Also with the new MPAC assessment coming out (we haven’t had an updated one since per-pandemic) and the increase in the value of homes in Windsor we must ensure that city council doesn’t treat the increase in revenue as “winning the lottery”. Therefore I would vote to reduce the mill rate and keep the total tax revenue in line with previous years.

9. Do you support the mega-hospital location?

No! And that horse has already been beaten to death. Similar to the arena being built in the wrong location this too will haunt Windsor and Essex County for the next 100 years.

10. Do you support strong mayor legislation?

No! Let them keep that in Toronto and Ottawa. We don’t need that in smaller communities.

11. Should the city use taxpayers dollars to bring jobs to the area?

Yes, as long as it’s tied to some sort of level of employment and over a long period of time. C.S. Wind is a prime example of doing it wrong. The province and city threw money at them and they jumped ship.

12. If you are running in a ward with an incumbent who is also running, why is change necessary, and why are you the person to deliver it?

As I previously alluded to, the incumbent, although claiming to have a “voice for the ward” is not listening to the citizens in Ward 2. The incumbent has “parachuted himself” into the Ward after winning the last election (he did not live in the ward in 2018) and is unfamiliar with the history of the west end. Whereas, I grew up in the west end and spent the better part of my life living and breathing the “west end”. I grew up in the west end(and still live in the house I was born in). I went to Sacred Heart school on Cameron Avenue. I went to Forster High school on Felix Avenue and I graduated from the University of Windsor.

13. How many hours per week do you plan to allocate towards council business if elected?

This will be my “full time” job. Whatever it takes to represent the citizens of Ward 2. This will not be a sideline job!!!!!! I have a strong work ethic as demonstrated by my 40 years of employment at Royal Bank.

14. Do you live in the ward you are running for?


15. What agencies, boards, or committees do/have you served on, and in what capacity?

I was on the Finance Committee for the Diocese of London for 8 years. I presently sit on the Advisory Board of the Holy Family Retreat House (Oxley, Ontario). More importantly I believe in giving back to the community. Over the last 25 years I’ve been involved with many organizations on fundraising activities. Hotel-Dieu Hospital (before the amalgamation with Windsor Regional), Maryvale and Canadian Mental Health Windsor-Essex to name of a few.

16. What person, animal or fictional character should be Windsor’s unofficial mascot?

Never given it much thought. No idea.