CBC ICI Radio Canada: Southwestern Ontario all in blue except Windsor and London

Elections Canada VOTE Photo Jon Liedtke

Yessica Chavez

Southwestern Ontario continues to ride the blue wave that has covered most of the region for years. Only the ridings in windsor and London elected Liberal or NDP representatives.

Results that establish the divide between urban and rural sectors in Canada.

“I think it shows the difference in mentality between the city and the countryside. And that difference is reflected across the country. When we look at the cities, there is often a more Liberal or NDP trend, while in the regions, it is more conservative,” observes Sarah Morris, the host of the rose city politics podcast.

Reconquest of Essex

On Monday night, the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) regained the riding of Essex where Chris Lewis defeated incumbent New Democrat Tracey Ramsey with 41.6% of the vote. “Our team has knocked on more than 4200 doors since March. I am very honoured, not surprised, but happy to be able to carry the Conservative banner back to Ottawa,” said the elected official.

For her part, the New Democrat said she was disappointed with the result even if, in her opinion, it was predictable.

“We knew four years ago when we won this seat that there would always be a time when the Conservatives would take it back. The people of Essex have spoken and I respect that deeply,” she conceded.

A return of the Conservatives that was predictable, according to Sarah Morris. “I think Tracey Ramsey failed to prove to the voters of Essex that change was important for the region. The return of the Conservatives was therefore desired, “says Sarah Morris.

This riding has long been in the Conservative fold. From 2004 to 2015, she was represented by Jeff Watson of the CCP.

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