SafePoint CTS to open without delay

SafePoint CTS (Windsor Essex County Health Unit) SafePoint CTS (Windsor Essex County Health Unit)

Jon Liedtke
Rose City Politics
Feb 27, 2023

SafePoint, Windsor Essex’s first Consumption Treatment Site, will open without delay following a 7-4 city council vote Monday afternoon.

The motion, which reaffirmed support for the CTS and the compromise brokered by Councillors Agostino and Costante sees the facility open without delay on Wyandotte St. & was brought forward by Costante.

Voting in favour of the motion and to open the CTS without delay were Councillors Agostino, Costante, Francis, Kaschak, Kieran McKenzie, Marignani, and Morrison, and in opposition were Mayor Dilkens and Councillors Gignac, Sleiman, and Mark McKenzie.

Ward 2 Councillor Fabio Costante tweet regarding CTS approval at Windsor City Council Feb 27 2023.

Some interesting comments from the city council meeting:

  • Mayor Dilkens said the compromise was not what was sold to council, that the province sold paying their fair share to the city, and that this altered agreement is a “slippery slope” regarding funding models.
  • Councillor Francis: “I’m prepared to take the risk if we can assist people.”
  • Councillor Costante recognized that while there was risk associated with the motion that city council takes risk often around the council table, pointing to the DMAF current funding issue.
  • Councillor Gignac questioned what happens if the CTS opens without funding and the province then decides not to approve funding, questioning whether the city would vote to close it at a later date.
  • Councillor Agostino said he’s heard the word “risk” around the city council table over the past few months since his inauguration and added that in his world where there is risk there is also reward.
  • Councillor Mark McKenzie said that while people know his position on that matter that he is also compassionate and cares about the people and the issue. He added that residents need to look at the issues of crime, danger, needle and disorder in Portland, San Franciso, and Vancouver, and said he believes city council should not double down on addiction maintenance.
Dan MacDonald tweet regarding CTS approval at Windsor City Council Feb 27 2023.