Ward 5 Candidate: Alessandro Didone (Alex)

Alessandro Didone (Alex) Alessandro Didone (Alex)

Alessandro Didone (Alex)

2340 Cadillac Street, Windsor, Ontario, N8W 3Y4
Phone: 519-819-0704​

2022 Windsor Election Rose City Politics Candidate Questionnaire answers:

1. What is your prior political experience?

Prior to this I do not have any political experience.

2. Why are you running?

For several years and decades our community has faced various complexities where leadership and integrity were lacking. As your city councilor if elected I pledge my complete commitment to be the voice for the residence of Ward 5 and Windsor. I want to bring to the table all your concerns as well as solutions to assist in ailing business and help increase employment in our area. We need a better direction a stronger direction. We need a logical change and right change.

3. What do you do currently for a living?

I have been in business for 20 yrs. I’ve owned Franchise and currently own a business now. I also work for Magna Intergram Windsor seating.

4. What is the biggest issue affecting the ward you are running for?

Safer roads and neighborhoods, new sidewalks, and streets.

5. What is the biggest issue affecting the city of Windsor?

True transparent leadership. Affordable housing and rent, we need to drastically upgrade our power infrastructure.

6. Are you seeking any endorsements?

If a group or comity wishes to endorse me I and open to it. As I am going organically about this and hope the voters in my ward endorse me.

7. Have you received any endorsements?

I have not received any endorsement to my knowledge. Other than local voters

8. Will you continue the “hold the line on taxes” policy?

I am not a fan of not Rasing taxes for a prolonged period. Only because when city council decided to raise taxes they substantially go up. I believe in looking at the budget see what the costs are and what we can do without. Often with my personal experience with budgets for my own business. I always found areas where I was able can save, cut and in some cases had to raise prices. I would use this approach when it came to “hold the line on Taxes”. So, if we need to raise taxes it will not be so dramatic or in some cases at all for a brief period. I feel being transparent about this, is the way to go. Sure, some might not totally agree with it, but if you reminded them about our history on this topic hopefully, they would understand. The citizens of Windsor deserve this kind of transparency.

9. Do you support the mega-hospital location?

I do not fully support the mega-hospital location. I feel they have not done enough research into other locations. I also want to know who in city council is affiliated with who owns the current land. This has been proven to be a conflict of interest in the past and has gone unnoticed or ignored. Also, I’m not in favor of closing hotel due or met.

10. Do you support strong mayor legislation?


11. Should the city use taxpayers dollars to bring jobs to the area?

First, we need to save the jobs we have left in the area, I,e upgrades our power infrastructure first and our road infrastructure. Then we can talk about bringing good paying jobs to Windsor. We need to learn how to walk again before we can run.

12. If you are running in a ward with an incumbent who is also running, why is change necessary, and why are you the person to deliver it?

He hasn’t done anything, he is a yes man to the mayor, He does not reply to you unless you have a high-class job, sadly to say is what I’ve notice very clearly. I could ignore all that if he weren’t so arrogant and pompous. He talks to people in a passive aggressive manor like Hes better than they are. Sadly, some do not see his motives. He also represents people who are highly invested into his position of power. I knew this before he was caught on his Zoom meetings.

13. How many hours per week do you plan to allocate towards council business if elected?

As many hrs as it needs. I am treating this as a business and in business you do not know wear a watch, because time is irrelevant in a day. You only keep tabs of days and months for projects to be done on time.

14. Do you live in the ward you are running for?

Yes, I do

15. What agencies, boards, or committees do/have you served on, and in what capacity?

I have not had the chance to sit on any agencies, boards, or committees

16. What person, animal or fictional character should be Windsor’s unofficial mascot?

That is simple Its one of Canadas symbols, The Beaver. It’s a resilient animal hard working strong smart, able to adapt to any form of issues it encounters. Natural builders and gathers if it sees a problem it goes to work to fix right away. The Beavers work together and help each other. They are architects, builder’s contractors’ mechanics teachers loyal and proud. They mind their own business and know they play a crucial role in their surrounding environment. Just like the people of Windsor and like the people of Windsor they are highly unappreciated by the rest of the province and highly underestimated. Like the Beaver the people in Windsor are resilient, willing, and strong without looking for any accolades’ only respect.

Photo by Pierre Miyamoto on Pexels.com