Ward 4 Candidate: Gregory Heil

Gregory Heil Photo via Gregory Heil Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=109521001874527 Gregory Heil Photo via Gregory Heil Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=109521001874527

Gregory Heil

823 Argyle Road, Windsor, Ontario, N8Y 3K1
Phone: 519-999-9055
Email: gheilward4@gmail.com
Website: www.gheilward4.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gheilward4

2022 Windsor Election Rose City Politics Candidate Questionnaire answers:

1. What is your prior political experience?

I spent my career as a professional architect but, along the way, served for about a decade as Chair of the Windsor Heritage Committee where I learned City Admin. and Council protocols. Also served as president of our cottagers association in the Bruce Peninsula as well as led various professional committees through my career.

2. Why are you running?

I have a deep conviction that the City Council needs to tighten its belt with respect to excessive non-essential capital spending and would benefit from a voice of prudence that I can provide. See further responses to elaborate.

3. What do you do currently for a living?

I am former Principal Architect of The Heil Partnership, Inc., licensed in both Ontario and Michigan, but practicing largely corporate and bio-tech design in S.E. Michigan. I am now retired from professional practice and have attained sufficient private wealth to sustain it.

4. What is the biggest issue affecting the ward you are running for?

Our Ward 4, like other wards, has experienced problems with property crime and vehicular traffic infractions such as speeding and disrespect for
signals/signage. I’ve stated that these issues can only be mitigated through more focused and sustained police enforcement actions.

5. What is the biggest issue affecting the city of Windsor?

I have two concerns that drive my passion to enter municipal politics: Excessive capital spending and antiquated local governance…both of which hobble Windsor taxpayers who bear one of the highest burdens in the province. The city always does this annual dance to carve out a lean operating budget but seems to accumulate a vast pool of capital reserves which the current council has been ready to spend from for seemingly dubious frivolous projects. Think about it, just in the past term:

-revamp Adie Knox Center, stealing the senior’s pool in the process, even though matching federal funds were declined

– abandon the existing ‘Peace Fountain’ which could be sustained with refurbishment, instead entirely replaced at massive added cost.

– abandon C. Clark skating rink and its entire concession/bleacher/mechanical infrastructure due to refrigerant line problem which could be repaired at fraction of cost of intended total redevelopment closer to new city hall.

– literally move Sandpoint Beach, which has been in current location for many decades, hundreds of meters down the shoreline to address a perceived swimming safety problem.

– the Mayor’s pet trolley car restoration and its elaborate riverfront shelter.

– new pool for Lanspeary Park instead of repair.

-new horticultural facilities for Parks & Rec. in Jackson Park.

Of course, prior to these recent actions, the city embarked on an entire redevelopment of City Hall, still subject to an elaborate civic plaza in planning, a misplaced sports venue built away from the core and an ill-considered swimming facility which loses millions of $ each year.
At some point we must ask if we as a community can afford all this.
5B.) My second concern, also a burden to Windsor taxpayers is antiquated local governance structure with the city surrounded by fully independent suburban jurisdictions…they benefit from development fees of fringe growth as the city bears cost of central services such as the EC Expressway used by all. It also must bear cost of land acquisition for new battery plant and servicing new hospital site even though suburban communities equally benefit. We need a two tier regional system with shared revenues and common services such as police, fire and transit on the broader tier. I ‘m determined to advance a conversation in this regard.

6. Are you seeking any endorsements?

I’m not seeking nor have received endorsements thus far.

7. Have you received any endorsements?

I’m not seeking nor have received endorsements thus far.

8. Will you continue the “hold the line on taxes” policy?

As implied above, I would take a ‘hold the line on taxes’ stance

9. Do you support the mega-hospital location?

I regret that the mega-hospital location tears at the urban fabric. I could only support the ‘regional’ hospital imposed on us within the context of above mentioned regional government reform.

10. Do you support strong mayor legislation?

No, the Mayor effectively wields power through his full time employment and close association with Administration. ‘Strong Mayor’ reform is not necessary smaller cities like Windsor.

11. Should the city use taxpayers dollars to bring jobs to the area?

I support recent city actions to acquire land for the LG/Stellantis battery plant…it is necessary to compete and will eventually pay for itself…only regret that the suburban fiefdoms are not contributing.

12. If you are running in a ward with an incumbent who is also running, why is change necessary, and why are you the person to deliver it?

No incumbent in Ward 4.

13. How many hours per week do you plan to allocate towards council business if elected?

I am willing and prepared to provide full time effort toward my Councillor duties undistracted by full time employment of many other candidates.

14. Do you live in the ward you are running for?

Yes, I have lived in a well known renovated coach house in Old Walkerville for almost 40 years.

15. What agencies, boards, or committees do/have you served on, and in what capacity?

See responses to Question #1 above.

16. What person, animal or fictional character should be Windsor’s unofficial mascot?

Hmm, strange question…why person, animal or fictional character…and not live plant? Like perhaps the rose…ala ‘Rose City Politics?!

Rose by Pixabay on Pexels.com